Why join the RillaFi DAO?

$RILLA is the native token of the RillaFi ecosystem. Join the DAO and help shape the future of student financing.

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As a $RILLA token holder, you can:

Earn from our fee pool by staking your tokens and participating in governance

Govern the RillaFi endowment and choose causes and nonprofits you believe in

Suggest roadmap items and protocol updates

Engage in our peer to peer marketplace

veRILLA (Vote Escrowed RILLA)

Our core staking mechanism echoes the success of Curve’s VE model. RILLA holders can vote lock their RILLA into the RillaFi DAO to receive veRILLA. The longer they lock, the more veRILLA they receive.

This enables the user to do the following based upon their share of the total veRILLA pool:

Vote in DAO governance

Receive yield-frees from our giving protocol

Gamified rewards (referral program, governance streaks, etc.

Enter RillaFi’s Stake for Service program

Stake for Service (SFS)

The Paywall that Pays You

RillaFi is introducing an innovative tiered service model that enables users access to exclusive content and services based upon their total amount of veRILLA. This creates a strong deflationary and buy pressures, while opening the door for robust and diverse partnerships.

Tier 0

Required veRILLA: < 1,000


  • Governance voting
  • Yield fees
  • Gamified rewards

Tier 1

Required veRILLA: 1,000


  • Tier 0 rewards
  • Exclusive AMAs with blockchain experts
  • Exclusive community access
  • Access to RillaFi NFT launchpad
  • Entry-level online Web 3 courses

Tier 2

Required veRILLA: 2,500


  • Tier 0 + 1 rewards
  • Exclusive scholarship offerings
  • Career Fast Track Program
  • Robust Web 3 learning catalog
  • Discounted access to partner platforms

*Entry points and packages subject to change and expand over time.*

Our initial services are targeted at students and learners in the blockchain space, but will expand to offer more universally appealing offerings.


RillaFi’s own fund for tomorrow’s brightest students


The RillaFi native endowment will routinely disperse funds into the RillaFi grant ecosystem


The Endowment will be run by an independent money manager and will have its own Board of Directors and be a registered 501(c) (3)


The endowment will be funded by 1% of all $RILLA to start with marketplace fees fueling future growth


Over the course of time, the endowment will become the dominant holder and disburser of funding or grants

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