Real-world financial resources amplified by web3. Any asset, any chain, any time.

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RillaFi enables users to leverage real world financial resources including Donor Advised Funds, portable tax tooling, and more.

We connect our users and partners through our native ecosystem, token, and community.

When you donate with RillaFi, you stay in control of your donation. Our DAF (donor-advised fund) protocol enables you to choose how your fund is grown, elect who receives your grants, and maintain transparency end-to-end.

Best of all, you receive an immediate tax deduction when giving!

RillaFi connects donor and community funds to various defi protocols. Traditional endowments and funds are low performing or leverage no yield solution whatsoever.

With RillaFi, your donations are amplified to impact more students in need.

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RillaFi Your Finances


RillaFi augments and amplifies your donation through the power of DeFi.


With RillaFi, your institution, university, or endowment can accept and scale crypto donations.

$RILLA Community

RillaFi seeks to enable and connect our users through our native token, utilities, and community

Projected Roadmap

RillaFi leads with a robust and innovative roadmap to continually to make the student, donor, and community experience better

Team, Concept, Legal, and Foundation Inception

  • Outline RillaFi missions, values, mechanics, and team
  • Initial whitepaper drafted
Q3 2021

Migration of Web 2.0 Assets to RillaFi

  • Platform assets evaluated and migrated to the new domain
  • Continued scaling of user population
Q4 2021

RillaFi Donor and User Marketplace

  • MVP and initial testing of RillaFi Donor and Student Marketplace
  • Endowment creation and legal/market prep
  • Stake for Service Rewards Program
Q1 2022
Q3 2022

Token Generation and Listing

  • $RILLA token generation and listing on DEXes
  • Dapp launch campaign
  • Robust e2e gamification
  • Quality of life updates
Q3 2022

Further Ecosystem Development

  • DeFi Yield partner Optimization
  • Student NFT Marketplace
  • Stake for service content expansion
  • Additional support for non-traditional academia
Q4+ 2022

Additional Feature Builds

  • Metaverse Builds and Partnerships
  • EdTech partnership and development
  • Student “genius” loan service exploration

Key Features

Multi-Chain Capability

RillaFi is fully compatible with multichain assets, apps, and tooling with faster speeds, higher throughput, and lower fees.

Any asset, any chain, any time.

Fixed Supply

$RILLA has a fixed supply to eliminate inflation in the ecosystem.


Decentralized ledger prevents tampering or illegal reproduction of tokens.

Contact Us

Questions? Feel free to drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.